Sunday, June 2, 2013

:: My First LEGO Window Display ::

Close up of my first #Lego Window Display "Do Not Feed!" Big thanks to Sean Jensen for helping me realize this dream!

This weekend was super busy one, but one of the highlights was definitely helping install my very first Lego Window Display. Y'see my daily 8 bit Lego creations (from earlier this year) had opened some doors for me - including membership to The Toronto Lego User Group. ToroLUG is a team of mega talented Lego builders from all walks of life. From artists to engineers, these fine folks have one thing in common - we all love Lego.

They have been super supportive of my designs, despite my rudimentary collection and builds. One person in particular was always encouraging me to build my own store window. His name was Sean Jensen. Sean is not only an amazing dad, but he is also what I refer to as a Lego Super Genius. With his infinite generosity, he offered to help build some of my designs.

In under a week, after a flurry of emails and sketching, our collaboration came to life! Our masterpiece sits proudly at one of the Toronto Lego stores (Sherway Gardens Location). It will be on display for the entire month of June, so if you're in the neighbourhood please go check it out!

In other news, my 23 week old son has started stealing kisses...

Oh boy! At 23 weeks, Harrison is already stealing kisses.

Update!I turned my 8-bit Lego design into a t-shirt. Please feel free to vote here.

Do Not Feed! T-shirt/Lego instructions concept

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