Friday, March 29, 2013

:: 8 bit Bravest Warriors ::

I am a HUGE Pendleton Ward fan and have really enjoyed both his Adventure Time and Bravest Warriors series. So when I heard about Threadless' Bravest Warriors design challenge I just had to put something together.

With the mini hiatus from my daily 8-bit Lego creations, this seemed like a perfect chance to jump back in.  Several of the great Threadless community was also hosting a Pixel Community Challenge.  Plus can you honestly think of a better fit for an animated sci-fi series than an 8-bit pixel design?  Conditions were perfect!

This was so much fun that I actually submitted two different entries.  The first one was illustrated in a monochrome monitor style aka green screen from the 80's.  It was a bit tricky, but I only used four shades of green on a black shirt.  The official Bravest Warriors logo is also illustrated in this style.

Bravest Warriors - 4 Colours

For my second entry, I wanted to depict the characters with their heat sensitive stickers animal friends.  The Warriors summon animal weapons by rubbing heat-sensitive stickers on their suits. Danny has the Dog Sword,  Chris has the Bee With Excellent Leadership Skills, Beth has the Cat Lashes and Wallow has the Falcon Axe.  The Bravest Warriors is a super colourful and vibrant series, so I decided to use a full colours palette for this second sub.


If you like either of these designs, please feel free to drop by here and here (or click on the images above) to support by voting!

Thank you!

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