Thursday, September 27, 2012

:: Bring Your Disc to Work Day ::

Spirit of the Game

Bring Your Disc to Work Day is an annual ultimate awareness day where ultimate players are encouraged to promote our sport simply by bringing a disc to work!

Bring Your Disc to Work Day 2012 will take place on Thursday, September 27th! Bring your disc to work, school or wherever and help promote the sport of Ultimate!

Ultimate Canada needs your help in promoting the sport of Ultimate. There are over 30,000 registered players in the country, but lots of people still don't know much about the sport (is that played with dogs?) or realize how popular it is. If you like Ultimate and own a disc, then bring your disc to work on Thursday, September 27th as part of our national Bring Your Disc to Work Day initiative to promote Ultimate in Canada.

Since I work from my home studio, I thought I could contribute by creating this "Spirit of the Game" print! In 2007, Toronto Ultimate Club had a new intiative to help raise awareness of Spirit Of The Game (SOTG). SOTG means respecting your teammates, opponents, the rules, the community, and the game.

This rotating ambigram design was hot-stamped on discs and distributed to all TUC members. The discs have found their way all over the world, including this orphange in Kenya.

Available now on my Society6 page!

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